Why We're Here

Are you tired of high interest rates, being denied loans for homes, cars and credit cards? If you answered yes then please allow Exquisite Credit Consulting help you remove those negative marks on your credit so that you can reap the benefits of having that great credit that you have always wanted.  Allow us to help you have a better chance of getting loan approvals, higher credit limits, low mortgage and car insurance rates. And most of all the bragging rights! What makes us different from the rest? To answer that is we do not charge monthly fees like most credit repair companies its only a one time charge for the service, Contact us today to get started! 

Bronze Package

$250 flat rate 

5 petition letters

late payments 

derogatory filed 

2 months filing 

Silver Package 

$350 flat rate

10 public records filed

10 collections filed 

All 3 bureaus filed 

PDF copy emailed 

10 hard inquiries filed 

3 months filing 

Gold Package 

$500 flat rate

1 unlimited collection petition 

1 unlimited public record petition 

1 unlimited inquiry letter 

All 3 bureaus filed 

4 months filing 

Buy on get one free for spouse/family member 

 Deposits are now accepted!!! Don't have all the funds now? You can still get started. You will have 60 days from the day of deposit to pay the remaining balance in order for the process to continue. *** All deposit are non-refundable**

* Bronze Package $125 non - refundable deposit*

*Silver Package $175 non-refundable deposit*

*Gold Package $250 non- refundable deposit*

*To review you credit situation to guide you to the correct package will be a fee of $30 (non-refundable) *

What our customers are saying

Quniona was very helpful with guiding me to the correct package for my credit needs, my credit score is now up by 90 points!

Tony, Norcross,Ga 

Don't wait till it's too late

Contact us today to get started:

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